IL Instructor Development – Licensing Exam Information

The state license exam is intended to confirm that the candidate has a firm understanding of the content that they will later teach to others.  There is no pre-requisite, but most instructor candidates complete instructor development training before attempting the exam. The state licensing exams are written and administered by Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI). Examinations are computer-based, and appointments must be made in advance. The candidate can schedule their test at a PSI test center. Currently, Instructor licensing examinations are not yet available for online proctored examinations.

The Candidate Handbook is available here.

To register for the PSI examination, click here, then “Sign Up” either in the middle of the screen or upper right-hand corner. Once on the “Create Account” page, enter the required information and follow directions on scheduling your examination.

Note: “Candidate ID” refers to your Social Security Number.

Before beginning an exam, candidates must bring the following to gain admission to the Test Center:

  • Show two forms of proper identification.
    • The first form of identification is the primary form of identification which must be a non-expired, government-issued photo ID with a person’s signature. Examples may include:
      • Driver’s license with photograph
      • State identification card with photograph
      • Passport
      • Military identification card with photograph
    • The secondary form of identification must display the name and signature for signature verification. Examples may include:
      • Social Security card with a signature.
      • Credit or debit card with a signature.
      • Employment/student ID card with a signature.
    • Provide a fingerprint scan.

Candidates who do not provide the appropriate identification and fingerprint scan at the examination will be denied admission, considered a missed appointment, and forfeit the examination fee.

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. A candidate must receive a 75% or higher on each section of an exam. When taking the complete exam, the candidate is permitted 2.5 hours for the National portion only and 1.5 hours for the State portion only.

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