IL Instructor Development – Pre-License Instructor License Requirements

Individuals must have a Pre-License Instructor license to teach any Pre-License, Post-License, and Continuing Education course licensed by the Division of Real Estate.

To become a licensed Pre-License Illinois instructor, a person must do the following:

  1. Pass the state licensing exam provided and approved by the DRE and administered by PSI.
  2. Demonstrate expertise by:
    1. Holding an active broker or managing broker license for the immediately preceding two years; or
    2. Be an Illinois-admitted attorney; or
    3. Have prior teaching experience for a minimum period of two years; or
    4. Have adequate professional background or experience in real estate
  3. Complete a 12-credit hour Pre-License Instructor course at a real estate school approved by the DRE and comprised of 1) 6 hours devoted to instructor training and development and 2) 6 hours devoted to teaching the content of Pre-License courses.

An instructor candidate’s qualifications must be submitted to the IDFPR along with fees, application, and proof of course completion.

Further details of the Pre-License instructor requirements can be found on the IDFPR here.

Note: For individuals who will only teach elective continuing education courses, a 6-hour “development” program is required. Review the Continuing Education Instructor License Requirements article for further details.

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