IL Insurance Pre-License – Prospect FAQs

Examples of some new student questions about our course or school, in general, are below:

Q: What insurance can I sell if I become a licensed Life and Health Insurance Producer?

A: The most common products sold by life and health producers are life insurance, major medical insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities.

Q: What insurance can I sell if I become a licensed Property and Casualty Producer?

A: The most common kinds of insurance products sold by property and casualty producers include homeowners insurance, commercial property insurance, auto insurance, and various forms of liability insurance.

Q: Are Real Estate Institute’s courses approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI)?

A: Yes. Our courses are intended to satisfy the state’s Pre-License education requirement. Approved provider #102877.

Q: Will the school report my credit to the state upon completing my course(s)?

A: Yes. Real Estate Institute reports all successful course completions to the appropriate regulatory authority. We report electronically to NIPR within two business days.

Q: Who needs an insurance producer license in Illinois?

A: In general, a person must be licensed as an insurance producer before doing any of the following activities in exchange for compensation:

  • Selling insurance.
  • Encouraging someone to purchase insurance.
  • Negotiating the terms or conditions of an insurance product.
  • Giving advice about insurance products.’

This includes but isn’t limited to people who want to work as insurance agents or insurance brokers.

Q: What education requirements do I need?

A: In general, a state-approved 20-hour Pre-License course must be completed for EACH major type of insurance (known as a “line of authority”) that a person plans to sell. The four major lines of authority in Illinois include life, health, property, and casualty.

Q: What does Real Estate Institute offer for Pre-License?

A: The Illinois Insurance Code requires that at least 7 ½ hours of each 20-hour Pre-License course be conducted in an in-person or webinar setting. The remaining 12 ½ hours of each course can be completed in a self-study format. Our courses include a package of Life & Health or Property & Casualty or all 4-lines of authority.

Each major line of authority will be a full day in-person class or webinar with self-study reading from the textbook.

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