IL Insurance Continuing Education – Prospect FAQs

Examples of some new student questions about our course or school, in general, are below:

Q: Are Real Estate Institute’s courses approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI)?

A: Yes. Real Estate Institute offers continuing education programs approved by the IDOI and specifically designed to satisfy license renewal requirements. Approved provider #102877.

Q: Will the school report my credit to the state upon completing my course(s)?

A: Yes. Real Estate Institute reports all successful course completions to the appropriate regulatory authority. We report electronically to State Based Systems within two business days.

Q: Why does the school charge credit-reporting fees in addition to course tuition?

A: The Illinois Department of Insurance requires a mandatory reporting fee for all insurance continuing education courses. The fee is currently $1.00 per credit hour.

We require insurance producers to pay this department-mandated fee upon course enrollment. State fees are subject to change without notice. In the event of a fee increase, we will contact you upon course completion to collect the required payment.

We encourage students to complete courses promptly to avoid fee increases.

Q: What education requirements do I need?

A: Illinois Insurance Producers require 24 hours of continuing education, which includes 21 hours of General credit and 3 hours of Ethics.

Q: Do you offer courses that are appropriate for my license type?

A: The continuing education rules for Illinois insurance producers allow licensees to take courses on any topic approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance. It does not matter whether you are licensed as a producer of Life, Property, Accident/Health, Casualty, or Fire and Motor Vehicle insurance. You may take any insurance continuing education courses to earn your continuing education credit.

Q: Do we offer custom packages for those who need less than the complete requirement?

A:  We offer a standalone 3-hour Ethics course, the 21-hour General package, or individual General courses (10 or 11 credit hour courses), which can be viewed in our program catalog.

Q: Can continuing education hours roll over to the next renewal period?

A: Yes. A maximum of 12 hours of General credit can roll over to the next renewal period.

Q: What is the deadline to complete continuing education?

A: Insurance Producers can review their license deadline with State-Based Systems to determine when it expires. With this lengthy process, the IDOI recommends that students complete their credit hours at least 30 days before the license expiration date.

Q: What does Real Estate Institute offer for continuing education?

A: We offer a simple and convenient self-study course for the 21-hour General package.  The 3-hour Ethics is available as a live in-person classroom or online webinar.

Q: What are the technical requirements for attending the online, live Ethics webinar?

A: You may log in on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. It is required to have a stable, high-speed internet connection and a modern web browser. We use the webinar platform Adobe Connect. The webinar does not need a webcam or microphone, although a high-speed internet connection is necessary—an option to test their computer setup here.

If you plan to log in on a mobile device, install the Adobe Connect mobile application on your device before the event.  (Note: Do not open the application to join the event.  Once downloaded, log in to our website to enter).

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