IL Real Estate Pre-License – Course Final Exam Information

It is required for a student to pass a course final exam for any real estate Pre-License course. Once all the necessary coursework is completed, a course final exam must be passed with a 75% or higher to receive credit for the course.

The number of questions on the course final exam depends on the course taken. Please review the information below:

Residential Leasing Agent

Number of questions: 50 multiple choice


Number of overall questions: 150 multiple choice

Includes 100 national and 50 Illinois questions

Managing Broker

Number of questions: 50 multiple choice

Students are given two options to take their course final exam, either in-person or online remotely with a proctor. Review our Course Final Exam Test Taking Options article for further details on these options.

Once the examination is taken, the student passes, and no issues are found, Real Estate Institute will reconcile the examination within one business day. Once reconciled, we will send an e-mail to the student of their next steps and e-mail a copy of their Pre-License transcript.

If the student did not pass their exam on their first attempt, they have a second attempt included with their course tuition, and it is required to pass the course before the course expiration. A third and final attempt can be purchased for a $35 fee if needed. If the student does not pass after the last attempt or before their final course expiration, they fail the course and will need to re-enroll with a discount.

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