IL Real Estate Continuing Education – Online Distance Education FAQs

Examples of some questions about our Online Distance Education course are below:

Q: What is Online Distance Education?

A: Online Distance Education courses are presented strictly in an online format. Instead of defining your course of study, you will complete the courses in the sequence specified by the school, and your progress will be tracked along the way. The course material is divided into sections or instruction modules, followed by knowledge checks that help ensure you retain and understand the course subject matter.

Q: What are the technical requirements for viewing the Online Distance Education courses?

A: Our Online Distance Education courses require a high-speed internet connection and are compatible with most modern web browsers on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.

The presentations may also be played on small-screen mobile devices (like smartphones). Still, we strongly discourage using these devices because device limitations can affect the experience.

No special applications or other software components are required for these courses.

Q: Is the Online Distance Education course timed?

A: No, the course is not timed. It will be required to complete all the interactions with each slide before moving to the next slide until all the reading material is completed for that module. Once the reading module is done, the next module includes a knowledge check to test your knowledge of the subject matter. Once passed, then the next module is available until all the modules are completed and passed. 

Q: How long will this course take?

A: Each course is approved for a specific number of "credit hours" but isn't timed, so the actual time for completion may vary. The approval is based on average reading speeds so that it could take the total number of credit hours to actual hours for completion. However, it does vary from person to person as they move through the course at their own pace completing these online modules of instruction and knowledge checks.

Q: Is it required to complete the Online Distance Education course in one session?

A: No. The Online Distance Education course allows students to save their progress and exit the course anytime. After logging in, they can resume the module they left off at.

Q: Is the Online Distance Education course an audio or video course?

A: No. Some sections may have audio or video components, but these courses are mainly interactive, text-based reading through instruction modules.

Q: Do Online Distance Education courses require a final examination?

A: Knowledge checks are required to have a 75% or higher passing score, but no proctored final examination exists.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the knowledge checks with a passing score?

A: Unlimited attempts to pass are allowed with these knowledge checks. Once a 75% or higher passing score is achieved, progression to the next module is available.

Q: All the modules are completed; what is my next step?

A: Once all the modules show the progress column of “completed,” the course will state all the required sections of the course are completed. We will process the completion, and an e-mail with the certificate of completion will be e-mailed within two business days. This completes the one individual course, so ensure to complete any remaining courses available in the Student Portal, if applicable.

Note: The 12-hour Core/Elective course is separated into four courses: 

  • 4-Hour Core: Keys to Compliance (4 Credit Hours)
  • Elective: Sexual Harassment Prevention (1 Credit Hour)
  • Elective: Ethical Practice (3 Credit Hours)
  • Elective: Property Management Essentials (4 Credit Hours)

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