IL Real Estate Post-License – Prospect FAQs

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General Questions

Q: Are Real Estate Institute’s courses approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)?

A: Yes. Real Estate Institute offers continuing education programs approved by the IDFPR specifically designed to satisfy license renewal requirements. Education Provider #515.000001

Q: Will the school report my credit to the IDFPR upon completing my course(s)?

A: Yes. Real Estate Institute reports all successful course completions to the appropriate regulatory authority. We report electronically weekly based on course completion dates to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

Q: Are Attorneys exempt from Real Estate Education?

A: All attorneys registered to practice law in Illinois are exempt from all real estate education requirements but must submit the required renewal fee and application to the IDFPR. Attorneys are also exempt from completing the Sexual Harassment Prevention course for IL Real Estate licensees.

Broker Post-License

Q: What are the requirements and the deadline to complete Post-License?

A: Newly licensed Brokers are required to complete 45 hours of Post-License education, which includes 1-hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention training for their first renewal. It is required to complete this education and renew the license by April 30th (in even-numbered years).

Q: I was informed that I need to have additional supervision from my Designed Managing Broker until I complete the Post-License education. Is that true?

A: Yes.  Illinois license law requires new Brokers to have additional supervision until they complete their 45 hours of Post-License education. Until Post-License is complete, a licensee’s Designated Managing Broker must:

  • Directly handle all earnest money
  • Directly handle contract negotiations
  • Approve all advertisements involving the newly licensed Broker

The additional oversight of newly licensed Brokers’ business activities could slow things down, which is why completing this education soon after receiving the license is recommended.

Q: What does Real Estate Institute offer for Brokers who require Post-License?

A: We offer one convenient option, our All Online package, in which all your education is completed through an online distance education format.  This format allows you to log in and complete your courses at your pace and time.

Q: Do we offer custom Real Estate Post-License packages for those who need less than the entire requirement?

A: No. We only offer the complete 45-hour Post-License course package.

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