NMLS-Approved Continuing Education – Live Webinar FAQs

Examples of some prospect questions involving our Live Webinar course option are below:

Q: Are there any special technology requirements for taking a webinar course?

A: To take our online webinar course, you will need the following technology:

  • Dependable, High-speed internet access
  • Desktop or laptop computer (the NMLS does not allow you to take courses on a tablet or mobile device)
  • Webcam
  • Modern Web browser (Google Chrome is preferred)
  • Built-in or external speaker system.

Option to test their computer setup here.

Q: Will I need a webcam to attend a webinar?

A: Yes. Beginning in June 2022, the NMLS requires webinar attendees to be visible on camera from at least the shoulders up for the duration of the course instruction.  Students who are unable to comply will be removed from the webinar.

Q: Will there be quizzes or questions I must answer throughout the course, or is there a final exam I need to complete?

A: Webinar courses conclude with a comprehensive case study in which all students must participate to demonstrate learning.

Q: I finished the course; when will I receive a certificate of completion confirming my attendance?

A: We process and verify the attendance within two business days. Once reconciled, a certificate of completion will be e-mailed.

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