NMLS-Approved Continuing Education – Online Self-Study Course FAQs

Examples of some prospect questions involving our Online Self-Study course option are below:

Q: If I enroll in an online self-study course, will I get immediate access to the course?

A: Yes. An e-mail with login information will be sent within 10 minutes upon enrollment. This will immediately allow access to the online self-study course through the Student Homepage.

Q: Will I lose my work if I need to stop the course and come back to it? Are there time restrictions within the course?

A: Our online learning platform will track your progress as you move through the course modules. There is no option for you to save your progress as it is happening automatically. Per NMLS guidelines, if you are inactive in the course for six minutes, you will be automatically logged out of the course. When you log back in and relaunch the course, you will be prompted to return to where you left off. However, your six minutes of inactivity will be subtracted from your accumulated course time.

Q: Are there any special technology requirements for accessing my online self-study course?

A: To take our online course, you will need the following technology:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Desktop or laptop computer (the NMLS does not allow you to take courses on a tablet or mobile device)
  • Modern Web browser (Google Chrome is preferred)
  • Headphones or external speakers to play any course audio that may or may not accompany a video

Q: How can you verify that I am the one completing the online self-study course?

A: NMLS uses a vendor named BioSig, a student identity verification password system. A primary purpose for NMLS employing BioSig is to ensure MLOs are completing annual education requirements in accordance with the SAFE Act. Please note that the BioSig-ID software informs NMLS of suspicious user behaviors. At various times during the online self-study course, the student will be requested to validate their identity using BioSig-ID. A BioSig-ID validation will be required throughout the course.

Review the BioSig-ID FAQs article for further questions related to BioSig.

Q: Will there be quizzes or questions I must answer throughout the course, or is there a final exam I will need to complete?

A: Yes. Our courses have been developed so that you will be completing knowledge checks as you progress through chunks of the course content. These knowledge checks are designed to help gauge your understanding of the course material.

Online Self-Study courses conclude with a final (multiple-choice) exam on which you must score at least 70%. Students are given six attempts to pass the final exam.

Review the Course Final Exam FAQs article for further questions related to the course final for the online self-study courses.

Q: I finished the course; when will I receive a certificate of completion confirming my attendance?

A: We process the completion within two business days. Once processed, a certificate of completion will be e-mailed.

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