NMLS-Approved Continuing Education – BioSig-ID FAQs

Examples of some questions regarding BioSig-ID are below:

Q: What is BioSig?

A: BioSig is the vendor the NMLS has chosen to integrate a student identity verification password system called BioSig-ID. This system is required for all NMLS-approved Online Self-Study continuing education programs.

A primary purpose for employing BioSig-ID is to ensure Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) are completing annual education requirements in accordance with the SAFE Act. 

Q: This is my first time setting up a password; how do I get started?

A: MLOs first setting up their BioSig-ID can review this article or video from the NMLS for steps on how to enroll for the BioSig-ID password.

Q: The BioSig-ID page requires identity validation; what do I enter?

A: Once a BioSig-ID password is created, that code will stay the same each year until it is updated. Therefore, it asks for a previously created password to be entered when it requires identity validation. If a password reset is needed, that can be done.

Refer to this article from the NMLS for steps on resetting the BioSig-ID password.

Q: Students attempted to start their Online Self-Study course and saw an error message. How do I fix this to start the course?

A: If a student enrolled in the Online Self-Study course and did not enter their NMLS ID, the following error message will display:


It is required to enter the NMLS ID into the student record and LMS profile. Once the NMLS ID is added, the student will re-log into the course to ensure the update is added. After logging back in, the error will no longer appear. Instead of the error, this will allow the student to proceed with the BioSig-ID password validation or enrollment.

Q: Student needs to update their email address for their BioSig-ID password reset. How do I correct this?

A: The e-mail update must be made in the student record and the LMS profile. Once updated, this will allow the student to do a password reset to the new e-mail. When the student is at the point where they receive password reset instructions, the first step will notify which e-mail the password reset was sent to. Verify that the e-mail address has been updated here.

Q: Student is not receiving their BioSig-ID reset email. What should I do?

A: Ensure to check a spam/junk folder and confirm the e-mail address was updated with Real Estate Institute. Once the e-mail is updated with the course provider, this will automatically update within the BioSig-ID system the next time the course is accessed.

If the password reset is still not being received, confirm that the last name matches as that may differ between the course provider and BioSig-ID. If there is still an issue, review the BioSig-ID email address update article from the NMLS. At the bottom of their article, they will have an option to submit a ticket with BioSig Support for assistance.

Q: Does BioSig-ID have any password requirements?

A: The password must be a minimum of 4 characters or digits and cannot be repeated or similar in shape.

Q: Is BioSig used for live webinar programs?

A: No. Currently, NLMS only requires BioSig with all online self-study continuing education programs.


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