NMLS-Approved Continuing Education – Late Continuing Education

Late CE is required if a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) left and is returning to the industry or is needed to satisfy continuing education requirements in the last year the MLO held the license to make up CE for 2010 through 2023.

Note: If more than 3-5 years have passed, Pre-License will have expired depending on if the state has enacted the Pre-License Expiration Policy. If the Pre-License has expired, then it is required to retake Pre-License education instead of Late CE. If a licensee is unsure, they should contact the NMLS call center.

Late CE courses will need to be specifically approved and configured so that the course credit will be retroactively applied to the appropriate previous year upon completion. The NMLS has a Late CE course catalog with details to verify requirements for Late CE and a list of providers who offer this. The MLO must confirm the course is approved for Late CE if they need this requirement.

Note: A MLO may not take the same approved course in consecutive years per the SAFE Act’s Successive Year Rule. An MLO must ensure not to register for the same courses completed in the prior year, so it is essential not to take a course with the same title or title keywords two years in a row. If an MLO completes the same course two years in a row, that completed continuing education will not be applied.

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