IL Real Estate Post-License - Request for Inactive License

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) allows real estate licensees to renew their license without having a sponsor. A licensee must have a sponsor when submitting their initial license application. However, if the licensee chooses to update their license status from "active" to "inactive," this DRE Request for Inactive License form allows a licensee to request that.

These licensees would be able to renew with an inoperative or inactive license status as long as their expiration date is in the future.

If a licensee chooses to have their license status inactive, the licensee is prohibited from practicing. They cannot earn referrals like they would if their license is with a holding company. If the licensee wants to have their license status is active and is not planning to practice, they can choose to put their license in a holding company which we have two referrals for:

Realty Associates Network, Inc (RANI)
Phone: 847-257-0888

Referral Alliance, Inc
Phone: 708-248-6276

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