NMLS-Approved Pre-License – Prep-to-Pass Assessment Exam Details

The Prep-to-Pass program includes a comprehensive study guide. Once students thoroughly study the book, they can test their knowledge by completing assessment exams provided in their Student Portal. After logging in and accessing the course, they will have access to five of these exams:


If a student logs out before completing the assessment exam, answers will not be saved, and the student will need to start over with the exam. It is best to do these assessment exams once a student has thoroughly read through the study guide and is prepared to finish all questions. If the student is inactive for 20 minutes or more in the online exam, they will be timed out. After 20 minutes, if the student attempts to proceed with the exam, they will get sent to an Error 500 page as soon as they click on any button in the exam. If this timeout occurs, the answers will not be saved, and the student will need to start over with the exam.

The first one will be available to take by clicking “Take Exam” to start the assessment exam.

A pop-up notification will inform the student of some important information regarding the assessment exam and questions:


After selecting “OK,” the student will be prompted with the exam instructions to provide further details of the exam process:


Once the student is ready to begin the exam, click “Take Exam.”

If a student needs to quit the exam, they will click “Quit” and be prompted with the following pop-up notification confirming if they wish to leave their exam:


Clicking “OK” will quit the exam and return them to the student portal.

Note: If a student quits their exam before completing all the questions, answered questions will not be saved, and they must start over from the beginning. Also, the exam will not be the same questions in the same order if they need to start over.

Once all questions are answered, the following pop-up notification will appear:


Once all questions are answered and the student is ready to submit their exam, clicking “Submit exam” will display this pop-up notification:


Clicking “OK” will show the results of the exam:


Clicking “Done” will take the student back to their Student Portal. Clicking “Review Exam” will provide the student with the review instruction information:


This will allow the student to review the submitted assessment exam. Once they are done reviewing the exam, they can access their Score Report from the Student Portal:


This score report will provide the student with the number of questions missed in each book section, separated by topic. To best prepare for the national exam, it would be best to review the area in the study guide where questions were incorrect.

Clicking Score Report will show the following:


Note: The score report and review exam will be tied to the initially submitted assessment exam. If a student attempts the exam again by clicking “Practice Exam,” the exam result will not update.

After submitting an exam, the score will populate with a message under the score:


Clicking the “Important Info” text will inform the student they have completed one of five assessment exams and can review their score report:


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