NC Real Estate Prelicensing – License Application

The initial application process starts after the candidate completes and passes their Broker Prelicensing education. Within 7 days, course providers are required to submit rosters to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. After the course has been reported, the candidate must apply with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s website and be found qualified to take the state licensing exam.

Upon applying, this will require a criminal record check (an additional fee) and a review of the applicant’s character. Further details of the character and fitness review are available on the North Carolina Commission’s website. The application is submitted online and a $100 application fee to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Note: Criminal Record Check (CRC) is the only approved criminal record provider for the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, and a report is only valid for six months. If a new report needs to be issued, another application and fee must be submitted.

This initial application process will allow the candidate to be issued a “Notice of Eligibility” if they are qualified and is valid for 180 days from the date it was issued. Once approved, the notice is sent via e-mail 2-3 days after application receipt and acceptance. If the candidate is not qualified, the application will be canceled and returned. Typically, the application is not fully completed if the candidate is not qualified. Once the Notice of Eligibility is issued, the candidate is qualified to schedule their state licensing examination. Further details of this examination are available under the State Exam Information article.

After the candidate has passed their state licensing examination and there are no character issues, the application will be processed with all supporting documents. A license certificate will then be mailed within ten business days after passing the state licensing exam. A licensed North Carolina Provisional Broker license will be initially issued on inactive status.

If there is an issue relating to character, the application will be reviewed by the Commission staff and could be a lengthy process that could be up to 45 days.

Before the provisional broker can begin work in the real estate business, the provisional broker and broker-in-charge must file a “License Activation/Affiliation” form with the Commission office to have the provisional broker license placed on active status. It is required that a provisional broker be constantly supervised by a broker-in-charge when engaging in real estate brokerage activities.

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