NC Real Estate Prelicensing – License Application FAQs

Examples of some prospect or student questions about the license application with the Commission are below:

Q: Do I need a high school diploma to get a North Carolina license?

A: No. A high school diploma is not required to apply for a North Carolina provisional broker license.

Q: Am I required to work for a Broker-in-Charge to get a North Carolina license?

A: Yes. A provisional broker must always be supervised by a broker-in-charge when engaging in real estate broker activities. Otherwise, the provisional broker license will remain inactive, and the licensee will be unable to engage in real estate activities.

Q: Where do I go to apply for the license?

A: Online at the NCRECs website here.

Q: How much is the application fee?

A: $100 is the cost of the application fee. The License Application article provides further details of the process and cost.

Q: What documents are needed to apply?

A: Certificate of completion of the prelicensing education and criminal background report when submitting the online application.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: The candidate will submit the application initially to receive a Notice of Exam Eligibility which enables the candidate to register for the license exam. After the candidate has passed their licensing examination and there are no character issues, the application will be processed with all supporting documents. A license certificate will then be mailed within ten business days after passing the state licensing exam. This will be a licensed North Carolina Provisional Broker license initially issued on inactive status.

If there is an issue relating to character, the application will be reviewed by the Commission staff and could be a lengthy process that could be up to 45 days.

Q: What is the “character review” process?

A: It is required to demonstrate good character to be eligible for a license, and further details of this can be found on the Commission's website here.

Q: Does North Carolina offer reciprocity with other states?

A: Applicants licensed in other jurisdictions can review further requirements and explanations on the Commission's website here.

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