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State Exam General Information

Upon passing the course final exam, the candidate will receive a course certificate of completion, and the course is valid for three years. Within this time frame, the candidate is required to submit their initial application to get a “Notice of Eligibility.” The candidate must apply to the North Carolina Real Estate Commission and is found qualified to take the state licensing exam. Further details are found in the License Application article. Once the candidate qualifies, they will schedule their state licensing exam with Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI), which administers the licensing examination.

State Exam Fees

The fee for the first exam attempt is $56. Additional attempts will require the $56 exam fee plus the $100 application fee.

Note: When paying for a retake, the $100 application fee does not get paid to the Commission. Instead, a “one” stop procedure allows the candidate to contact PSI about paying both fees when rescheduling if they are within their 180 Notice of Eligibility window. The $100 application fee gets paid directly to the Commission when applying to get their 180 Notice of Eligibility.

State Exam Scheduling

Examinations are only available in-person and appointments must be made in advance.  One business day following receipt of the Notice of Eligibility, an applicant can contact PSI to schedule their licensing exam.

Option 1: Online

To register for the PSI examination, go to PSI's website and choose Sign Up to create an account. After creating an account, log in to the PSI account and schedule a testing appointment.

Thorough instructions are available on page 20 for Online Scheduling via the PSI Website section in the Real Estate Licensing in North Carolina booklet.

Option 2: Calling (855) 579-4638

PSI registrars are available daily to assist with scheduling.

State Exam Admission

Before beginning an exam, candidates must bring one form of valid (non-expired) signature-bearing identification to the test site.

Candidates who do not provide appropriate identification or arrive late will be denied admission and forfeit the examination fee.

State Exam Details

The state licensing examination is separated into two parts: National and State. When taking the whole exam, the candidate will answer 120 multiple choice questions and are permitted 4 hours to take the exam. This will consist of 80 national questions and 40 North Carolina questions.

A candidate must answer 57 National questions correctly (72.5% or higher) and answer 29 North Carolina questions correctly (71.25% or higher).

If a candidate is retaking a portion of the examination, they are permitted 2.5 hours to take the National portion only and 1.5 hours to take the State portion only.

State Exam Retakes

A candidate may continue to qualify to take the North Carolina real estate license examination within three years of completing the 75-hour North Carolina Broker Prelicensing Course if they are within their 180 Notice of Eligibility window. Each attempt will require the $56 exam fee plus the $100 application fee.

If a candidate fails a portion of their examination, they are only required to retake the portion they failed. Candidates cannot retake the licensing exam for at least ten calendar days following a failed (or missed) exam. Other than that waiting period, there is no limit to the number of attempts during the 180-day eligibility period.

Note: If the candidate goes past the 180-day eligibility period without passing both exams, they will have to submit a new 180-day eligibility application. This would include refiling the application to the Commission with a new criminal record report and application fee before scheduling another exam. Once the new Notice of Exam Eligibility is provided, the candidate must retake the whole exam even if they passed one part during a prior 180-day eligibility period.

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