IL Real Estate Pre-License - License Application

After successfully passing the state license examination, the candidate will receive a score report with instructions for applying for a license at the IDFPR Online Services Portal here.

Information about successful state exam completions will be transmitted from PSI to the IDFPR. Upon receipt and processing, the IDFPR will send the individual an e-mail that invites them to apply online for their new license:


The IDFPR has step-by-step account creation details for new applications available on their online resources here.

Once the account is created, the candidate will view their Online Services Portal Dashboard and click New Application to start the new license application. The applicant will attach requirement documents, enter all required information electronically, and identify the sponsoring/managing broker they seek to affiliate with. Currently, the fee for a license application is $100 for Residential Leasing Agent, $150 for a Broker, and $175 for Managing Broker. Once submitted, the applicant will be able to monitor the status of their application. Upon approval by the IDFPR and sponsoring broker, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification that their new license has been issued.

Note: After a student passes their state examination, the candidate has one year to apply for their license or until the two-year anniversary date of their transcript issuance.  Whichever date comes first. Further details regarding the transcript can be found in the Transcript Validity article.

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