IL Real Estate Pre-License – License Application FAQs

Examples of some prospect or student questions about the license application with the IDFPR are below:

Q: Who is a sponsoring broker?

A: Real Estate Brokers cannot work independently, so they must be “sponsored” by a Managing Broker when submitting their license application. The applicant will select the Sponsoring Broker from the active list of available Sponsoring Brokers during the application process. The Sponsoring Broker must subsequently confirm this.

Q: Do I need to be sponsored by a company or Managing Broker to start a course, take the examination, or obtain a license?

A: A sponsoring Broker is not required until after passing the state exam but before applying for the license. Leasing Agent and Broker licensees must have a Managing Broker sponsor to obtain their license. A Managing Broker licensee may sponsor themselves or may be sponsored by another Managing Broker.

Q: Where do I go to apply for the license?

A: Online at the IDFPRs website here.

Q: How much is the application fee?

A: Residential Leasing Agent = $100. Broker = $150. Managing Broker = $175.

Q: What documents are needed to apply?

A: A copy of the Pre-License transcript and the score report from PSI.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: The online application will take many business days to process. After approval, the licensee will receive an e-mail from the IDFPR of their license to print.

Q: How can I review the status of my application?

A: Once the application is submitted, applicants may monitor their application status online.

Q: How will I know when the application is approved?

A: The applicant will be notified via email from the IDFPR when the application has been approved.

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