IL Real Estate Pre-License – Course Final Exam FAQs

Common questions about the course final exam are available below:

Q: Can I use my book when taking my exam?

A: No. Textbooks, notes, and other materials are not permitted.

Q: Can I review my exam after and see what I got wrong?

A: Yes. After completing the exam, there is an option to review all questions with an explanation.

Q: Can I go back and review my exam another day?

A: No. The review is only permitted directly after taking the course's final examination. However, any content questions or study tips can be asked with our instructor's support.

Q: Can I see my score?

A: Yes. After submitting the exam, the results will appear in the exam section with the score and pass/fail. The proctor will grade the exam on-site for paper exams and provide the results afterward.

Q: Can I skip a question and go back to it later?

A: Yes. The student can return to any answered questions and review their answers before submitting their exam.

Q: Is this exam timed?

A: Students are permitted a set time depending on the examination scheduled. Residential Leasing Agent and Managing Broker = 2 hours, Broker = 3.5 hours.  We will allow a bit more time to finish if needed.

Q: How many questions are on the exam?

A: Residential Leasing Agent and Managing Broker = 50 multiple choice questions and Broker = 150 multiple-choice questions.

Q: What is the passing score?

A: 75% or higher.

Q: Can I retake the exam if I fail?

A: Yes. Students are permitted one additional attempt to pass an alternate final exam. A total of two attempts will be included in the cost of the tuition. If a student does not pass the final examination on the second attempt, a third and final attempt can be requested, which will inquire a $35 fee.

Q: I passed the national portion of the Broker course final exam; do I need to retake that in addition to the state portion?

A: Students only need to retake the portion they do not pass.

Q: Where can I take my course final exam?

A: Illinois real estate license law does not permit students to complete self-study exam(s) alone. A proctor must administer the exam(s) and enforce test-taking rules. We have on-site testing at our school locations on select dates, or you may test online with our approved proctoring service. We have partnered with a 3rd party service to administer all online exams.  If a student is interested in online testing, please visit our Online Proctor page for technical information and additional details.

All exams must be scheduled in advance.

Q: What happens after I pass my course final exam with Real Estate Institute?

A: After passing the Pre-License course final exam, a transcript will be issued, which allows the student to attempt the state examination. The state examination is administered through PSI, and they will follow up within two business days after receiving the course completion. PSI offers testing daily at locations throughout the state. Detailed information regarding the state exam will be provided upon successful course completion.

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