IL Real Estate Pre-License - Online Lesson/Chapter Exam FAQs

Common questions about Broker and Managing Broker lesson/chapter online exams are available below:

Q: Only the first exam is available; can I access all exams immediately?

A: No. It is required to complete each exam before moving on to the next one.

Q: Can I use my book when taking my exam?

A: No. The textbook and notes are not permitted with the course final, so it is highly encouraged not to use the textbook or notes with the required lesson/chapter exams to ensure the content is learned.

Q: Can I save my answers and take a break in between?

A: Yes. The student can quit the exam, and the system will save their answers. After logging back in, the student will resume where they left off.

Q: Are the questions the same as what is in the book?

A: The Managing Broker chapter exams are the same chapter exams for Form A. The Broker unit exams are the same as the online practice unit exams.

Q: How many questions are on these exams?

A: Broker lesson exams are 40 questions each. Managing Broker chapter exams range from 10-to 20 questions. All questions are multiple-choice.

Q: Can I review my exam after and see what I got wrong?

A: Yes. After submitting the exam, there is an option to review all questions with an explanation.

Q: Can I see my score?

A: Yes. After submitting the exam, the results will appear in the exam section with the score and pass/fail.

Q: Can I take my completed exam again for practice?

A: Yes. After passing the exam, it is available to return and take again for practice.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can practice the exam?

A: No, there is no limit. While doing the practice exams is excellent, it is best to learn the content and not to memorize the questions as questions will change.

Q: Can I skip a question and go back to it later?

A: Yes. The student can go back to any answered questions and review all their answers before submitting their exam.

Q: Is this exam timed?

A: No. There is no timing restriction.

Q: What is the passing score?

A: 75% or higher when a passing grade is required.

Q: Can I retake the exam if I fail?

A: Yes. Students are permitted one retake, and this will be a different exam.

Q: Can I retake the exam if I fail the second attempt?

A: Once both attempts are failed, students may be required to speak with an instructor. Instructions will be available after submitting the exam.

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