IL Insurance Pre-Licensing - License Requirements

An insurance producer license is required before doing any of the following activities in exchange for compensation:

  • Selling insurance.
  • Encouraging someone to purchase insurance.
  • Negotiating the terms or conditions of an insurance product.
  • Giving advice about insurance.

To become a licensed insurance producer, a person must do the following:

  • Licensing candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Complete at least 20 hours of Pre-License education for each line of authority.
  • Pass a state licensing exam for each desired line of authority.
  • Pay the applicable licensing fees.
  • Have a level of character acceptable to the Department of Insurance (DOI).
    • Note: There are several cases in which a licensing application can be denied, such as when someone has committed a felony, failed to pay child support, had a license revoked in another state, etc. Any questions regarding this will need to be directed to the Department of Insurance.

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