IL Insurance Continuing Education - License Renewal FAQs

When a licensee is renewing with NIPR, they may have questions about their course completion or the process of renewing that students need assistance with. See examples of some questions below:

Q: Do licensees get a renewal notification sent to them?

A: Yes, SBS sends an e-mail about two months before their license deadline, and an example of the notification is available here:



Q: How early can a student renew their license?

A: A student can renew their license at NIPRs website as early as 60 days before their deadline, given all 24-hours of education were completed and transferred to NIPR.

Q: How much is the renewal fee to NIPR?

A: $215 for the renewal fee. 

Q: How much is the renewal fee to NIPR if a licensee is renewing late?

A: $430 altogether. $215 renewal fee + $215 late fee. 

Q: Before the renewal fee was $180, why is it $215?

A: The Illinois legislature passed a bill in June 2021 that increased the insurance producer licensing fee to $215, and the Illinois Department of Insurance increased this fee effective July 1, 2021.

Q: When can a student print their updated license after renewing?

A: After a licensee pays their renewal fee, they will receive an e-mail from NIPR saying the renewal application is processing. The licensee will get another e-mail within a business day stating the renewal application is approved, and the e-mail will include a link to print a new license.

Q: Where can a student go to print their license?

A: Through State Based Systems, select Print License:


After entering the necessary information, they will go to an overview of their license and select Print License at the top.


Q: How early can a student complete their continuing education?

A: Students can complete their continuing education requirements anytime during their 2-year compliance period.

Q: Can ethics roll over into the next compliance period?

A: No. Only a maximum of 12 hours of general hours will roll over into the next compliance period. The 3-hour Ethics requirement must be done during every compliance period.

Q: What if a student completes their continuing education very close to the deadline? Can they renew on time?

A: Real Estate Institute recommends that students complete their continuing education requirements ten days before the renewal deadline to avoid the license expiring and pay any late fees to reinstate. Real Estate Institute promptly reports course completions to SBS every business day. Once the hours are reported to SBS, they must transfer those records to NIPR, which accepts the license renewal application.

The Department of Insurance requires all licensees to pay a late renewal fee if NIPR does not receive an on-time renewal application, even if the continuing education was completed.

Q: How do we know when a passed course will be reported?

A: Daily, a file is generated in our system for all students who have completed continuing education from the day before being reported to State Based Systems.

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