IL Insurance Continuing Education - Annuity Training & Long Term Care Course FAQs

Illinois Insurance Producers may have questions regarding the Annuity Training or Long Term Care training available. See examples of some questions below:

Q: Can a student complete the 8-hour/4-hour LTC course regardless of if they have the necessary license type?

A: LTC does count towards general credit in Illinois.

Example: If a student only needs 3-hours of general credit to satisfy their education, they can complete a 4-hour LTC  to fulfill the rest of the requirement even if they do not have a life & health license.

Q: Who is responsible for enforcing compliance with annuity training and LTC?

A: Annuity training and LTC compliance are not tracked by the state. It is up to companies that offer annuity products and LTC to track producers' compliance with who sells those products.

Q: Does Real Estate Institute offer the 4-hour Annuity course?

A: No. We offer the 1-hour Annuity refresher course for life insurance producers who already sell annuities.  For those who are looking to sell annuities for the first time, they must take the 4-hour Annuity course, which we do not offer.

Q: What if a student failed to complete the 4-hour LTC continuing education requirement by the deadline? What must they do to reinstate the LTC status?

A: Insurance products who miss their 4-hour LTC deadline can have their status reinstated by completing the 4-hour training within one year after their deadline. If they miss this one-year window, producers who want their LTC status reinstated must complete an 8-hour training program again.

Q: What if a student failed to complete the 1-hour Annuity refresher course by the deadline? 

A:  They must immediately stop selling annuities and complete a 4-hour annuity course.

Q: Can a student complete the 8-hour LTC training course to satisfy the 4-hour LTC continuing education requirement?

A: Yes. An 8-hour LTC training course can be used to satisfy the 4-hour CE requirement. The licensee may not repeat the course within the same license renewal period as with all other CE courses.

Q: If a licensees has already taken the annuity "best-interest" refresher course from another state, does the licensee need to take it again for Illinois?

A: No. Many states have already implemented similar requirements.  If a similar course was already completed for another state, Illinois will accept it for compliance purposes.  However, a producer's company can require otherwise.


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