IL Insurance Continuing Education - Credit Hour Reporting

Real Estate Institute reports credit hours to State-based Systems (SBS) every business day. SBS was developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to serve the regulatory needs of states.

SBS forwards credit hours to National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), which processes the renewals. Once the renewal is processed, the information is sent to the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI).

With this lengthy process, the IDOI recommends that students complete their credit hours at least 30 days before the license expiration date. However, Real Estate Institute communicates that ten days will allow enough time for an on-time renewal since we report every business day.

When reporting to SBS, we report using the student’s name and National Producer Number (NPN), which is the student’s license number.

Note: The IDOI requires that an education provider report earned credit hours within two weeks of completion.

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